D.E. Barber & Company, inc. (DBC) is a Los Angeles-based lifestyle and event marketing agency that specializes in branding, sponsorship, public relations, interactive and consumer promotions. With a unique sense of style, DBC delivers creative strategic marketing and event campaigns that heighten brand awareness and surpass client expectations. Authenticity, tangible results, connecting with clients and their customers on an emotional level, and environmental consciousness are the cornerstones of the company.

Diane Barber, President, is an avid equestrian who has been inspired by the spirit of horses since childhood. When starting the business in 1985, the hoof prints of horses, the horsepower of Formula One motor racing and an automotive marketing career were her focus. The distinctive balance of the power and grace of horses have remained synonymous with the core of the agency’s culture – powerful brand story-telling that reaches out with grace to connect with the human spirit.

From professional sports events, to new product launches, women’s marketing campaigns, sponsorship development, equestrian lifestyle marketing, non-profit causes and more, DBC has a diverse background to draw upon while providing fully-integrated marketing and creative services that are tangible
and impressionable.

All of our projects are approached with an unconventional heart-centered client/agency relationship that is the mainstay throughout the partnership. With a back to basics fresh start, we begin each project with a blank canvas that is colored with your vision and our expertise to tell your brand’s story. With a blend of exceptional marketing expertise and creative talent, the process is strategically planned, budget-minded, and dedicated to ensuring that your brand resonates with your customers.


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